PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - The most adventurous women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution




THE WATERSPORTS PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - Many well known beauty pageants do not have a specific goal as the reason for their being. Miss Ocean, as the name implies, is aimed at looking after our oceans. We are not the first "ocean" contest with those general aims, but we are the first contest in support of the research necessary for the proposed ocean cleaning ships called SeaVax and research into zero carbon marine transport. SeaVax ships can filter plastic waste from seawater. In sufficient numbers Seavax machines could make significant inroads into cleaning up the 5 enormous garbage gyres in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans - and might prevent a 6th forming in the Arctic Ocean. We both recognize and applaud the work of beauty pageants around the world looking to draw attention to ocean pollution and climate change, some of which are featured on this website.


The event is being organised by Cleaner Oceans Club Ltd, a not for profit company registered in the UK as company number: 4674774.



Uncle Sam wants you to enter the Miss Ocean water sports pageant





The final rules for the Miss Ocean contest will be published on this page before January 2016. Meantime, we have drafted answers to some frequently asked questions and tips for interested contestants trying to decide if the contest is for them. Please see the links at the foot of this page.


1. The first and golden rule is that you must be able to swim at least 100 meters competently ........ If you can climb out the pool after two lengths - you qualify. More than that qualifies for bonus points.


2. The second rule is that you should be ambitious ....... in order to succeed. Just entering this competition is proof that you have ambition.


3. The third rule is that you must want to use the gifts nature has given you to make a difference ..... For at least 12 months.


The remaining rules are pretty much standard in the beauty and sporting event world.




Entries will be accepted between April and May 2017. The water sports competitions will take place between June and July of 2017. Final interviews and judging will be in July with the crowning ceremony as the finale.






EVENTS MANAGER - Hayley is concentrating on organizing the Miss Ocean event, aiming for a first contest in June or July of 2017. We were forced to postpone the competition planned for this year (2016) with apologies to all who expressed an interest. If you would like to get involved with this attraction, as part of the sporting events, a sponsor, or as a supporter, please get in touch.





The 2017 competition is open to all nations (subject to eligibility terms and conditions), but is more likely to attract contestants from the United Kingdom and Europe. This is because 2016 is the first year of the competition and for this reason the contest will be relatively unknown. We do though, encourage applicants from all over the world - because this will help us to spread the message that we must do something about the state of our oceans.


It is likely that the contest will eventually be broadcast on television on a network TBA. Entrants should be prepared to appear both recorded and live on television and youtube. There are a number of independent makers of films about the oceans, lately the subject of world tours.


CONTEST FORMAT - The contest format is at present being developed to return associates and partners the best PR returns. We are open to suggestion/negotiation until December of 2015. The making of Miss Ocean is an obvious candidate for inclusion in the 2016 editions of such programmes.


Unlike other beauty contests, there is a water sport section (Aquatic Skills) that carries 20% of the marks to encourage participation - and will almost certainly mean getting into a boat, the sea or a swimming pool.


THE POINTS SCORING SYSTEM - Judging has to be carried out in a fair and unbiased manner. Awarding points in relation to the objects of the contest is the way that we have chosen to compare one contestant to another. We recognize that each contestant is already a special person. But our objective is to find the most suitable candidate for the Title: Miss Ocean, who will be our "Ocean Princess" for 12 months.


On this subject, spare a thought for the judges. Judging is not easy. Apart from votes from the general public, the final say will be from the judges themselves, especially in the event of a tie.




The winner of Miss Ocean will receive a cash prize and expenses for 12 months. The 2nd and 3rd place runners up will receive scholarship contributions and certificates. Certificates will be awarded for sporting events and finally for Miss Congeniality.






Number of Points


 The Interviews



 Aquatic Skills



 Costume Design



 Special Talents



 Overall Impression














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Miss Ocean 2016 aquatic skills and beauty pageant


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