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Water sports are healthy activities that broaden your horizons and capabilities. Miss Ocean is not only a beautiful and intelligent woman, but also a woman who wants to enjoy a long and active life and show others the benefits of keeping fit. Such benefits include reduced risk of heart disease.


One of the best ways of staying fit is to take regular exercise such as country walks. You need to raise your blood pressure for at least 10 minutes a day to stay in trim.


We also advocate a working knowledge of life saving techniques. If you know how to rescue a person, then one day you might just save a life.




We will accept almost any skill in or on the water for your Aquatic Skill. The most popular are likely to be:-


1. Swimming

2. Life Saving

3. SCUBA - Sub Aqua Diving

4. Canoeing

5. Surfing or Windsurfing

6. Rowing

7. Sailing


Of these, the ability to swim is the most basic requirement for anyone wishing to enjoy water sports safely and with confidence. You must then be able to swim reasonably proficiently.


Additional points will then be awarded up to the maximum of 20 points for your water skills.




The above events may go out live on television by way of sporting competition, but will in any event be recorded for judging, networking and youtube advertising.


Contestants may compete against each other in any category that another entrant has put down for, or may offer a solo performance, but where there is more than one entry in any of the above heads, then contestants should compete against each other.










STA certificate in swimming teaching
Scottish swimming






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