THE PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - The most beautiful women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution




THE WATERSPORTS PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - Most pageants do not have a fitness section, let alone a water activities element.


Whether you are an Olympic athlete or just enjoy a good swim at your local pool or beach, you will be most welcome to join in the fun.


You must be able to swim to a reasonably competent standard be able to enter the Miss Ocean pageant.


The point system ensures that all of the talents of a competitor are reviewed. Obviously, a strong swimmer will do better in this part of the contest, but we are also looking for a willingness to enjoin that is the team spirit that is needed to beat back the rising tide of pollution in our oceans.


Help us to put on a show of woman power in the water sports arena. Represent your sport during Miss Ocean and help us to teach ocean literacy to responsible corporations.


Any swimming contest will be using the crawl stroke in a 50 meter pool. Lifeguards will be on hand and other organizations to supervise the quality of the competition, timing, etc.







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Uncle Sam wants you to enter the Miss Ocean water sports pageant




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