A proposal to rescue Eastbourne's pier with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund


Councillor David Tutt on Eastbourne's pier after the fire


DAVID TUTT - On his official ESCC webpage Councillor Tutt tells us that: "I was elected councillor for Priory, which encompasses Langney in Eastbourne, in 1981 and I am in my ninth term as a county councillor and sixth term as a borough councillor. I am also Leader of the Liberal Democrat group. Schools and special needs schools in my division need greater support and we need to reduce crime rate and improve road safety. We must continue to maintain the floodplain to maintain the environment in Eastbourne, and protect the Area of Special Scientific Interest on its border. In the longer term, we need to bring better employment opportunities to Eastbourne." Who would disagree with those objectives. We can see no reason why traditional political adversaries cannot work together in partnership when it comes to restoring one of the focal points of our seaside town.



EASTBOURNE HERALD - Friday 31 July 2015

Eastbourne council still has high hopes for Eastbourne Pier despite the news that the owners of the seafront landmark are considering selling up.

Cuerden Leisure announced yesterday (Thursday) it was evaluating its options on the future of the pier after council planners turned down plans for a Victoria fairground with rides on newly installed decking.

The news came on the one year anniversary of the pier blaze, which destroyed the iconic Blue Room.

Cuerden Leisure had hoped the fairground project would help boost takings but said it was hugely disappointed the scheme had been rejected.

On Thursday council leader David Tutt spoke to the Herald about his hopes that something could soon be installed on the decking.


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David Tutt in Brighton


EASTBOURNE - Cllr Tutt works alongside Mayor Janet Coles and many other councillors to do their best for Eastbourne.



THE ARGUS Monday 11 May 2015

Seafront investment, improving hospital services and creating jobs will be priorities for Eastbourne Borough Council as it heads into a third term under Liberal Democrat control.

Councillor David Tutt, the re-elected leader of the council, said “we will do our best to protect the most vulnerable in society” as he celebrated his party increasing its majority by three seats.

The party took Upperton ward from the Tories, giving it 18 councillors to their opponents’ nine, a resounding victory one day after former Lib Dem MP Stephen Lloyd lost his parliamentary seat.

Coun Tutt welcomed the result as a “massive vote of confidence and an endorsement for Stephen Lloyd and all his work.”

He added: “Also importantly it is about the programme we have already delivered and the fact that when we said we would not increase council tax we did not.”

The Lib Dem and the Conservatives remain the only two parties on the council, with the Liberal Democrats holding the wards of Devonshire, Hampden Park, Langney, Old Town and St Anthony’s and winning all three seats in Upperton, while the Tories held onto Meads, Ratton and Sovereign.

Lib Dem Councillor Pat Rodohan, who also represents Upperton on the county council, put his win down to “working for people in the area”. 

He added: “People were not frightened off by an advertising campaign.

“I am referring to the huge spending on the election in general.

“And we won because of the popularity of the outgoing MP.”

Fellow newly elected Upperton councillor Sammy Choudhury, a businessman entering politics, said he stood “to help people,” while Dean Sabri, elected to St Anthony’s ward, said he hoped to deliver “more affordable housing, that is really affordable”.

Ukip came third in many of the seats, with its Ratton candidate David Alfred, who got 924 votes, saying “people wanted change”. Elected Langney Lib Dem councillor Troy Tester said he and his fellow ward councillors won because “we are the only people they actually see outside of election time.”

He added: “We keep in touch with people on a regular basis.

“We want to keep council tax down, protect services, increase recycling and protect the open development.”

The make-up of the new Eastbourne Borough Council = Liberal Democrats 18 - Conservatives 9




David Elkin, David Tutt and Penny Mordaunt MP


JAN 2015 MINISTERIAL VISIT - Left to right: Councillor David Elkin, Councillor David Tutt and Penny Mordaunt MP. The Coastal Communities Minister Penny Mordaunt visited Eastbourne Pier on Monday January 19 2015 to view progress on its restoration following the fire.

She was accompanied by Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, Councillor David Tutt, and Leader of the Opposition, Councillor David Elkin, on a tour of the Victorian attraction which is undergoing extensive repairs after last summer’s blaze destroyed a third of the structure.

The removal of the pier’s fire-damaged steel dome is almost complete and the next stage will be to strengthen the steel substructure of the pier and install new timber decking beneath the arcade.

Meanwhile the pier owners are currently assessing which architectural practice should be awarded the prestigious and unusual task of designing a new building for the pier.

Councillor Tutt said, “It has been wonderful to see people returning to the pier so soon after the fire and traders open for business as usual.

“It’s a testament to the hard work of the pier’s renovation team that good progress is being made, and we look forward to the completion of the next stage which will bring us closer to seeing the pier fully returned to its former glory.”

Councillor Elkin said, “The speed at which work is progressing to restore the pier is amazing and reflects the true grit commitment of the Eastbourne community and business partnerships.”

Penny Mordaunt said, “It is fantastic that Eastbourne’s beloved pier is back on its feet and partly reopened to the public so quickly thanks to the hard work of the local community, the Council, and our emergency services.

“This government is committed to doing all it can to help the local economy recover and our £2m funding will make a real difference.”



After the Liberal Democrats’ Stephen Lloyd lost his seat in a general election that was catastrophic for the party, its control of the council suddenly looked on shaky ground.

But in the end voters locally stuck to the party in charge since 2007, when the Tories left the council “on the brink of government intervention”, according to its current leader.

As to why voters’ general election choice was so different, many Liberal Democrats at the count blamed Tory scaremongering about a Labour-SNP coalition.

“I am not complaining,” added incumbent council leader David Tutt, adding: “This is politics and it is a cruel business, but they were telling people if they did not vote Conservative then we would have Nicola Sturgeon running the country.

“That was enough [for] people that wanted to vote for Stephen to give their vote to the Tories and I think they are probably regretting it. But we will fight.”

Whatever the blame, the two parties will now have to work together, with the Liberal Democrats more powerful in the council but Eastbourne represented in parliament by a Conservative MP. 

Mr Tutt said that was “going to make life harder,” adding: “Stephen Lloyd is not only a very special person but has been outstanding and working with him has made things very much easier as we are clearly joined on our politics.”

The ousted MP attended the count to watch his party hold onto the council, while looking tentatively at his own future with an “enormous mortgage” to pay. He added: “I have been overwhelmed by the response from the whole town over the last 24 hours. I am very grateful and touched to the core.” 


Reporter: Rachel Millard




The William Alchorn beach launched pleasure cruises


MEMORIES - Do you remember the sound of a crackling analogue radio made from brown bakelite and a television without colour? If you do you may well have ridden on the William Alchorn, or maybe taken a ride on one of the Bluebird speedboats from the rear of the pier, where that jetty is all but collapsed. These attractions no longer exist (Sept 15). Now imagine that you can take your kids on one of these rides, and that was after a visit to the amazing Maritime Museum on the pier. What a day out. You can't do any of these things yet, but if the Cleaner Oceans Club were offered the opportunity to help with the pier - it may well come to life.






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Google maps satellite view of Eastbourne Pier


GOOGLE MAPS - The above is a satellite view from one of the most famous search engine companies. The snapshot was taken in September 2015, but still shows the Blue Room intact.




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