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Trademark: Amphimax


Status:  Registered


Relevant dates: Filing date - 07 March 2017


03 November 2017: Registered
25 August 2017: Application Published
22 August 2017: Pre-Publication
07 March 2017: Examination
07 March 2017: Application Received
Renewal date: 07 March 2027


List of goods and services:


Class 2

Paints, varnishes, lacquers. Preservatives against rust and oxidation. Metals in powder form for use in paints and painting, decoration and art.


Class 4

Industrial oils and greases, lubricants, fuels for motors and engines, diesel engines and petrol engines. Lubricants for electric motors.


Class 7

Motors and engines; petrol engines; diesel engines, gas engines; electric motors (except for land vehicles); motors and engines for marine applications; motors and engines for amphibious vehicles; motors and engines for agricultural applications; motors and engines for aquaculture; connecting rods for machines; crankshafts; flywheels; control cables for machines; valves; spark plugs; air filters; water regulators; oil filters; couplings; starters; pumps; belts, alternators; air cleaning filters; carburettors; fuel injectors; anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; belts for motors and engines; control mechanisms for machines; cylinder heads for engines; cylinders for machines; pistons for motors and engines; dynamo belts; cooling fans for motors and engines; fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines; fuel economisers for motors and engines; superchargers; transmission chains and shafts, camshaft belts; turbines; turbocompressors; gears; gear boxes other than for land vehicles; transmissions for marines applications; transmissions for amphibious vehicles; power take off equipment; power take off pumps; electrical power generators; machine coupling and transmission components; Machines and machine tools for apparatus and instruments; tractors; bulldozers; loaders; cranes; rough terrain cranes, moving machines; hoists; hydraulic jacks; hydraulic rams; welding apparatus; compressors; compressed air machines; compressed air pumps; controls; valves; control levers; control valves; diggers; axles for machines; tracks, caterpillar tracks, sprockets, wheels for machines; hydraulic pumps; hydraulic motors; hydraulic pistons; hammers (parts of machines); pneumatic hammers; pneumatic drills; mechanically operated hand held tools; handling apparatus for loading and unloading; hoists; jacks; levelling jacks; lifting jacks; lift belts; lifting apparatus; loading ramps; lubricating pumps; lubricators; automatic lubricators; machine fly wheels; machine wheels; pneumatic transporters; pulleys; pumps (machines); reduction gears other than for land vehicles; mechanical shovels; shaft couplings; bearings for transmission shafts; speed governors for machines; bearings; ball rings for bearings; bearing brackets for machines; belts; belt conveys; belts for machines; chains: chain links; couplings and transmission components; machine couplings and transmission components for amphibious vehicles; loading and unloading apparatus; Machine and machine tools for agriculture or aquaculture; parts and fitting for all the aforesaid goods included in class 7, agricultural machinery; robots (except for robots for food processing, blending or beating); amphibious robots; agricultural robots; robots for aquaculture; and parts and fittings for the above all included in class 7.

Class 12

Vehicles, apparatus for locomotion by land or water. Parts and fittings for vehicles for locomotion by land or water. Portable boatyards. Portable Docks. Boat launching vehicles. Boat recovery vehicles. Portable shipyards. Amphibious vehicles (but not amphibious vehicles for use for carrying out soil, rock or mineral excavations, digging, picking, relocation of soils or minerals, compaction, ramming and loading or operations involving soil or minerals). Amphibious portable docks. Amphibious portable boat yards. Amphibious water vessel recovery and launch vehicles. Hydraulic vehicle transmissions. Hydraulic vehicle control apparatus, valves and safety components. Hydraulic pumps and motors. Diesel and petrol engines. Electric motors.


Class 14


Horological and chronometric instruments.


Class 17


Rubber goods. Unprocessed and semi-processed rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and substitutes for all these materials; plastics and resins in extruded form for use in manufacture; flexible pipes, tubes and hoses not of metal. Stopping and insulating materials.


Class 25


Clothing, footwear, headgear.


Class 28


Games, toys and playthings. Video game apparatus. Sporting articles.

Class 35




Class 41


Education; providing of training; entertainment and cultural activities.


Class 42


Scientific and technical services, research and design relating thereto. Industrial analysis and research and design relating thereto. Scientific ocean analysis and research and design relating thereto. Design and development of computer hardware and software.




Amphimax trademark classes filing 3217084 UK Intellectual Property Office  

Trademark filing certificate 7th March 2017: Amphimax








Name and Address details


Owner(s) name: Blueplanet Universal Holdings Ltd


Solar House, Lime Park, Herstmonceux
United Kingdom, BN27 1RF


Country of Incorporation: United Kingdom


Company registration number: 4243836 




Giant portable dock or boatyard that can launch vessels


1/20th SCALE AMPHIMAX MODEL - AmphiMax will be a rugged, no-nonsense vehicle, constructed more along the lines of an earth moving machine. This will help keep the costs down. She is to be built from standard frame units of 5 meters, so that like Lego or Meccano the size can vary according to the boats or small ships that are to be constructed. The picture above is of a "proof of concept" model that is remote controlled and designed to launch the SeaVax and RiverVax ocean and river cleaning vessels.


The AmphiMax™ is more than a giant beach launcher and boat recovery system, it is a jig and work station, an amphibious service vehicle or portable dock and a self-contained transporter for heavy loads.

The AmphiMax is not expensive when you take into account the cost of running a permanent land based shipyard with overheads such as commercial rates attaching. The vehicle works with a rough terrain crane and mobile generator to form a virtual boat or ship yard.













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The health of our oceans are important to feed the world sustainnably


This webpage is copyright © Cleaner Oceans Club Ltd (Company No: 4674774) March 2017, Solar Studios, BN271RF, United Kingdom.  The names: AmphiMax, Bluebird™, Miss Ocean™, RiverVax and SeaVax™ are trade mark of the Cleaner Oceans Club™ or licensed to the Cleaner Oceans Foundation.


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