WHAT FUTURE OUR OCEANS? - The versatility of SeaVax™ is enhanced using a modular approach that helps us to develop these ocean going machines into an economic tool for the long-term prosperity of all fishing nations in the drive for a truly sustainable, circular economy.





Daniel Goldsmith is a naval architect who is passionate about all things marine. He lives in East Sussex and is a family man who is concerned about marine conservation and the state of our oceans.



Daniel Goldsmith, Lloyd Stebbings and the Southern Queen


ENTHUSIASTS - Daniel is a naval architect with considerable experience behind him. He is one of the founders of Alchorn Marine, a not for profit organisation based in Eastbourne, seen here in shed number 5 on the seafront with Lloyd Stebbings and the Southern Queen, a coastal pleasure boat that is being restored with help from Eastbourne Borough Council and many other contributors.






Daniel became involved in the SeaVax project in late 2017 when a Horizon 2020 bid was lodged. He will be looking after design and build quality drawing on his extensive experience.




Success is the product of international research collaboration and  great project management









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