WHAT FUTURE OUR OCEANS? - The versatility of SeaVax™ is enhanced using a modular approach that helps us to develop these ocean going machines into an economic tool for the long-term prosperity of all fishing nations in the drive for a truly sustainable, circular economy.





Lloyd Stebbings is a devoted husband and father of two and an enthusiastic (time served) boat builder who trained at Southampton University.




COMING UP FOR AIR - Lloyd is master boat builder and expert in all matters concerning fibreglass repairs and mould making. He is seen here during the laminating of the underground chamber that stores water in between testing of the SeaVax. Copyright © May 9 2018, all rights reserved. You will need permission from the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to reproduce this photograph.






Lloyd became involved in the SeaVax project almost before it began, because he had been laminating for earlier boat and car projects for Bluebird Marine. Lloyd made the nose cones for the SeaVax model.


In May of 2018 Lloyd lined the underground holding tank that is used in conjunction with the water test basin that will help the team gain valuable insights to the launch, recovery and plastic filtration operations.





Success is the product of international research collaboration and  great project management









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