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The National Piers Society (NPS) is a registered charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to promoting and sustaining interest in the preservation and continued enjoyment of seaside piers.

It was founded in 1979, with Sir John Betjeman as the first Honorary President. Currently the role is filled by Gavin Henderson CBE, Principal of the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, with Tim Mickleburgh (Chair 1995-2003) as Honorary Vice President. The NPS became a registered charity in 1999, and as a society publishes a quarterly magazine. The society also lobbies heritage bodies, lottery boards, local authorities and the media on pier issues. In 2014 it worked with English Heritage to bring out "British Seaside Piers".

The Annual General Meeting takes place at a different resort each year. In addition to establishing regional branches, the society is working to create a National Piers Museum.

The NPS maintains links with the relevant trade association, the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions, and the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society (PSPS)





There is some ambiguity where "At Risk" piers are being listed on the NPS website as being in good condition, when Historic England has them listed as being "At Risk". If a structure is at risk for because a part of the building is missing, for example Eastbourne Pier, then it should not be rated as being in good condition, for that description is misleading.






Since 1996 the society has presented an annual Pier of the Year award. Past awards have been given to:


Eastbourne Pier 1997

Brighton Palace Pier 1998.

Clevedon Pier 1999

Cromer Pier 2000

Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier 2001

Southwold Pier 2002

Southport Pier 2003

Blackpool North Pier 2004

Llandudno Pier 2005

Worthing Pier 2006

Southend Pier 2007

Deal Pier 2008

Saltburn Pier 2009

Boscombe Pier 2010

Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier 2011

Swanage Pier 2012

Clevedon Pier 2013

Penarth Pier 2014

Cromer Pier 2015


The society also presents a triennial award for engineering excellence, the Peter Mason Award named after a past Chairman. In 2005, a limited company - The National Piers Society Ltd. - was created as the NPS trading arm.



Suspicious circumstances lack of fire precautions


FIRE TRAGEDY - It made many people weep to see this icon reduced to a pile of scrap steel. The problem with steel in fires is that the rolled girders twist and distort, making it impossible to repair. The only way is to take it down and start again.




The NATIONAL PIERS SOCIETY LIMITED was successfully incorporated on 12 July 2005 at Companies House as a Private Company limited by Guarantee. Charitable status was awarded to the new Company by the Charities Commission on 12 September 2005. The new Registered Charity Number is 1111251. The newly incorporated Charity is being registered as a Company in England in Wales, Company Number 5506251.



NOT ANOTHER ONE - What is it with piers and fires




General Enquiries:


BS49 5BH


Timothy West CBE
Dame Joan Bakewell
Gyles Brandreth

Hon. President

Gavin Henderson CBE

Hon. Vice-President

Tim Mickleburgh
11 Boulevard Avenue
Lincolnshire, DN31 2JP


Tim Wardley


Tim Phillips


Chris Southon


Anya Chapman

Membership Secretary

Joy Surtees

Editor PIERS

Suzie Hart

Media Relations Officer

Anthony Wills

Sales Manager

Frances White
Tel: 01829 271275

Other Committee Members

Caroline Buttolph
Mike Davies
Jan Oldfield

Non-Executive Members


Martin Easdown

Website Manager

Clover Chapman




CLOSURE - The pier was 



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NEW WALMINGTON MODEL PIER - A few British seaside piers had a railway or tramway on them including of course the well known one at Southend-on-Sea. This layout represents a fictitious small pier tramway of the Edwardian times to give a period flavour of a seaside pier and its tramway.

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