WHAT FUTURE OUR OCEANS? - The versatility of SeaVax™ is enhanced using a modular approach that helps us to develop these ocean going machines into an economic tool for the long-term prosperity of all fishing nations in the drive for a truly sustainable, circular economy.





Terry Valeriano is a devoted husband and father of two and the health & safety officer, presently studying for this role. Terry is also our security officer and keeps himself fit in the gym and with mixed martial arts.



Beachy Head lighthouse, now redundant


WE'VE SEEN THE LIGHT - Terry had seen the lighthouse in 2016. Nice 'T' shirt. In 2020, Terry continues with his volunteering for the Cleaner Ocean Foundation, also helping people in the Eastbourne area to get fitter as a personal trainer from 2020.





Terry became involved at a very early stage of the project helping with the construction of a water test tank and robot lab and physically building many of the eroded walls to bring them back to full use.


In 2016 Avaaz offered to help raise funds to take the concept further and that led to a Horizon 2020 application - and is likely to lead to other drives to raise additional funds.


Currently the project is negotiating for a launch site, with agents instructed to pursue recently identified venues.




DC50 - A tribute to Donald Campbell on the 50th anniversary of his world land speed double (land and water speed records), the EcoStar DC50 is seen here in an early stage of construction with the team that helped to build her in 2014, including Christina Dusart, Nelson Kay, Terry Valeriano and Chris Close. The young man in the front is Ryan Dusart, a budding roboteer who is now learning how to program using Arduino computers.




JAMIE HUGHES - Seen here on the left, the youngest member of the SeaVax team in 2015 at Innovate UK, Old Billingsgate, London. Jamie extols the virtues of this splendid proof of concept model, explaining the features to visitors to the event.



Success is the product of international research collaboration and  great project management









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