MASTER CAMERA OPERATOR - Jamie is best behind a camera. He is seen here with a Black Magic movie quality unit, that is to be used for serious SeaVax project filming.





Jamie Hughes got involved with the SeaVax project in late 2015, attending and manning the stand at Innovate UK in London with Chris Close.





Looking forward to 2020-23, Jamie is on hand to propel the team's communications forward.





DEADLY DUO - On the stand at Innovate UK, this stand was made of 95% recycled parts.





This project began in 2015 when a fellow solar designer from Australia suggested that a zero carbon design on the drawing board could be the basis of an ocean cleaning machine. The United Nations had also circulated information of the state of the ocean just before this.




Q - Jamie looks a lot like the James Bond character in the most recent movies.





JAMIE HUGHES - Seen here on the left, the youngest member of the SeaVax team in 2015 at Innovate UK, Old Billingsgate, London. Jamie extols the virtues of this splendid proof of concept model mostly built by Nelson on a shoestring budget, explaining the features to visitors to the event. Part of Nelson's duties when in the workshop is showing students how to make things, giving them the chance to build their skill levels on a one-to-one basis. Such opportunities are limited due to the calls on his time.




FAVOURITE WALKS - This famous view is also one of the most loved of SeaVax project members. Copyright © 18 July 2016, all rights reserved.














WHAT FUTURE OUR OCEANS? - The versatility of SeaVax™ is enhanced using a modular approach that helps us to develop these ocean going machines into an economic tool for the long-term prosperity of all fishing nations in the drive for a truly sustainable, circular economy.



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