Annie Close, personal training qualifications



Annie is a mother who enjoys keeping fit and eating healthy foods. She is a personal fitness trainer, following her career in athletics, and core recovery from childbirth - Annie wants to help others regain their health and mobility, especially post natal and cancer recuperation coaching. She operated exercise groups from Wivelsfield Church Hall, near Lewes, until Covid 19 forced lockdown in 2020. These classes are likely to restart from 2021.


She is also concerned that climate change is warming the planet with serious consequences for her daughter. Acidic oceans are causing significant damage to marine life allied to climate change.




Annie Close


Annie is also a keen swimmer



We must work together to persuade our politicians to think and act to change from coal and oil fuels to renewables for a cleaner sustainable future for our children. These are the wishes of the people and growing number of responsible corporations who value our planet and the limited resources that need to be used wisely.


Her other concern is about ocean plastic, that it will build up to the point where all marine life is threatened, leading to food shortages and potential ecological disaster.


Unless we act positively to educate people to dispose of single use plastic responsibly, help manufacturers with packaging re-design and develop ways of recovering plastic from our oceans, it is likely that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea in the next 30 years.



Coca Cola PET plastic coke bottle    ASDA supermarkets lemonade PET plastic bottle  Nivea plastic bottle Exceat beach English Channel


PLASTIC BOTTLES - All the usual culprits. We spotted these household names on the beach at Exceat near Seaford Head on the south coast of England. Companies who sell goods in plastic containers could offset their plastic footprints by contributing to our ocean research. Copyright photographs, 31 July 2018. All rights reserved, Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd.




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